Q: Are you drunk? The paintings on your most recent post that YOU MADE for TS3.

First you dictate what description I should use on my page and now you’re accusing me of being drunk! No I am not drunk, maybe you are, because you did not thoroughly read that recent post. That is a reblog  post, lpvinyl21 converted some of my paintings into TS3! The original TS2 recolors that I made are in my Downloads page as well HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE. You are one rude motherfucker! Get out of my page!

I am going to say this to you again, I don’t play TS3, I have not created for TS3 as well so my description on my page is still legit, because all my downloads are for sims 2 only!

Going to publish this shit now because I want all my simblr followers to be wary of you and your rudeness!

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Q: hi! simpaii sent me here :), i just recently downloaded your apollo midchair for sims 3 and really liked the fabric number 6. the bluish one. is there any change to know where the full texture is so i can i recolor other objects? i would love if you could share it :) i found the others but not that particular one :) sorry to bother!

Hi! well you know I cannot remember the exact collection on where I found the fabric but I know which website I got it from, the florals from that set of recolors are Liberty of London fabrics, the particular fabric you are interested in I am not sure, but I got them all from PURLSOHO. Publishing so other recolorists can add the site as a resource page :) For Image reference inabadromance is asking about THIS recolor set :)

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Q: post/65592301593/i-apologize-for-the-unimaginative-previews-i-have All of the downloads you have on this post are no longer on dropbox. I don't know which ones the anon were referring to, but I know these defs aren't available for whatever reason.

They are in this dropbox folder :) Mari is my nickname my full name is Marilag but it’s really cool that your lil bro’s name is Mari!

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Q: Hi! :) It would seem a lot of your downloads were moved when you organized your dropbox; a good number of download links are now dead :( Any chance of a fix or a dropbox link? I love your creations and I neeeeed them <3

Can you be specific which ones are missing? HERE is my sims 2 recolors folder in dropbox. For older recolors I used mediafire HERE. Thanks.

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Pretty things from Simscraftsman! Hit the picture to get all the goodies. Take it all in since SCM is going on hiatus too.
To tell you the truth, I have uninstalled my game and gotten rid of all my CC and stuff(no backup!) I would start from scratch if I reinstall my game. I just can’t play right now. It does not mean goodbye since I basically pop in again and again. But I need to focus on important stuff, but will to continue to check out all the awesome updates in the community!
As always Happy Simming!